Source Water Protection

Feedback from the Maryland Ground Water Symposium

September 25, 2008

Who Attended:
203 Government (Local) 61 Contractor/Consultant
22 Government (Federal) 141 Government (State)
4 Ground Water (Non-profit Org.)

What Participant Liked Most About the Symposium:

  • Large choice of topics
  • Location, food
  • Networking opportunities and getting to see what is happening in other jurisdictions
  • Well planned sessions with knowledgeable speakers
  • Scientific talks
  • Green Event
  • Entire Symposium

Recommendations for Next Year's Symposium:

  • Location and facility very nice don't change
  • Change in hours / location
  • Reduced Number of Presentations and simultaneous presentations
  • Repeat several of the presentations
  • More variation since there are many issues that agencies face daily
  • When covering a study wait till the study is complete

Topics for Future Symposiums:

  • Ground water 101 track- explaining the fundamentals
  • More topics relating to the environment
  • How wells become polluted
  • Regulatory framework and approving authority's perception
  • Chesapeake Bay Restoration
  • Shared facilities, current research projects
  • Fishkills
  • Alternative stormwater management systems, rainbarrels
  • More actual field inspections of problem wells, septic systems
  • How wastewater plants operate

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