Fair Hill Request by Department of Natural Resource for New Water Withdrawal

Water Appropriation and Use Permit Applications CE1988G083/08 and CE2018S002/01

Maryland Department of Natural Resources, 300 Tawes Drive, Elkton, MD 21921 has applied to appropriate and use a total annual average allocation of 79,000 gallons of water per day (gpd) at Fair Hill that will be split between two permits.  Application CE2018S002/01 requests to withdrawal water from an intake in a new stormwater management pond.  This application requests an annual average of 39,500 gpd and a maximum daily withdrawal of 160,000 gallons.  Application CE1988G083/08 requests to modify an existing allocation from four existing wells for a potable supply and sanitary purposes from an annual average of 12,000 gpd and an average during the month of maximum use of 62,000 gpd, to add one new well, and to increase the annual average appropriation to 39,500 gpd and the maximum monthly appropriation to 69,000 gpd. New uses will include irrigation of a horse race track and maintaining soil moisture in the arenas.  The annual average quantity of each permit will be considered supplemental and combined, which means an annual average greater than 39,500 gpd may be withdrawn from either source as long as the total annual average from both sources does not exceed 79,000 gpd.  The project is located at the Fair Hill Race Track, on the south side of Md Route 273, 0.1 mile east of Md Route 213, Fair Hill, Cecil County, Maryland.

The new well is about 400 feet deep. MDE has found that there is sufficient groundwater recharge on the DNR Fair Hill Property within the Grammies Run watershed to support the requested groundwater withdrawal. MDE conducted a preliminary evaluation of the possible Impacts on aquifer water levels from the new proposed well, based on the results of the aquifer test, flow models and geologic reports. In making the evaluation, the withdrawal was modeled as being pumped continuously for 90 days at 50,400 gpd (the well yield estimated by the applicant) with no recharge to the aquifer during the withdrawal. During this period of maximum use, model results indicate the groundwater level in the bedrock aquifer may be lowered approximately 17 feet at a distance of 1,200 feet from new production well, along the primary water bearing fractures. Model results project a drawdown in the bedrock aquifer perpendicular to the orientation of the primary fracture of less than four feet at a distance of 600 feet from the new production well. Changes in water levels decrease at greater distances. Site specific well information (of homeowners or nearby  businesses) is needed to determine if the drawdown projected at the well location would impact the operation of a particular well. The Administration is proposing permit requirements to protect any existing well users that may be adversely impacted from the proposed withdrawal. No unreasonable impacts on the surface water resources are anticipated.

The Administration plans to provide draft permit language for review and comment. The public informational comment period will extend for sixty days after the Administration provides the draft permit language. If you desire to receive email notification of the posting of the draft permit language please send your email to john.grace@maryland.gov or to water.supply@maryland.gov.

A public informational hearing was held on November 12, 2019 at 6:00 PM, at the Edward L. Walls Activity Hall at Fair Hill, 4640 Telegraph Road, Elkton, MD 21921. 


Update (January 23, 2020)—Proposed Draft Permit Conditions are Available for Review and Comment

Update (July 14, 2020)—The Response to Comments Received is Available for Review 

For More InformationPlease contact the Water Supply Program at WATER.SUPPLY@maryland.gov or 410-537-3702   ​