Capacity Development Resources

Technical Capacity Resources

MDE - Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators

EPA – Small Systems and Capacity Development Technical Help

Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances in Maryland 

National Environmental Services Center Capacity Development Technical Resources for Small Water Systems

Water System Operator Roles and Responsibilities: A Best Practices Guide (PDF)(2 pp, 105K)
(EPA 816-F-06-037, September 2006)

Preventive Maintenance Tasks for Small Public Water Systems Using Ground Water (booklet) (PDF)(37 pp, 75K) and Preventive Maintenance Card File for Small Public Water Systems Using Ground Water (log cards) (PDF)(142 pp, 261K)
(EPA 816-B-04-002, December 2004) Schedules for maintenance tasks and checklists and logs for easily recording your findings.

Cross-Connection Control: A Best Practices Guide (PDF)(4 pp, 177K)
(EPA 816-F-06-035, September 2006) Tips for detecting and responding effectively to a backflow event and information on helpful technology.

Cross-Connection Control Manual
Explains and illustrates the most common cross-connections and how they can be eliminated.

Distribution Systems: A Best Practices Guide (PDF)(2 pp, 167K)
(EPA 816-F-06-038, September 2006) Information on the benefits of routine distribution system maintenance and monitoring.

Removing Multiple Contaminants from Drinking Water: Issues to Consider (PDF)(poster 30 x 20 inches, 1 pg, 367K)
(EPA 816-H-07-004, December 2007) A detailed poster identifying treatment technologies that remove multiple contaminants, including information on contaminants removed, operational and waste disposal issues, and helpful tips.


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