Private Foundations for Wetlands Restoration Funding

Foundation NameField of Interest
Abell Foundation, Inc.Conservation, Resource Protection, Growth Management
Alex, Brown & Sons Charitable Foundation, Inc.Education, natural resources conservation & protection; grants included support for public lands, coastal issues, an aquarium and a zoo
Ammerman FoundationEnvironment
AT&T FoundationTechnology,education,volunteerism,sustainability,and clean water
Bailey Wildlife FoundationWildlife conservation projects
Baltimore Community FoundationGeneral environmental interests, especially with community level interest/involvement
Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Corp. ContributEducation,environment, protecting and preserving natural resources, center & services, community development, neighborhood development, public affairs
Bay FoundationBiological diversity/science grants program
Beldon FundState and regional env. Orginizations,national orginizations working at the state level,progressive statewide coalitions,training and technical assistance,building grantee organizational capacity,hazardous waste and toxic use reduction
Ben & Jerry's FoundationSocietal, community-based environmental change. Focusing on grassroots efforts of small nonprofits
Beneficia FoundationInventory, protection, and stewardship of high priority ecosystems (esp. tropical & marine) creation of economic incentives for the conservation of biodiversity. Policy and legislation.
Bernice Barbour Foundation, Inc.Preservation and care of animals
C.S. FundEncourges biological diversity,eliminate toxins at their source
Captain Planet FoundationPromoting environmental understanding to children through education
Cargill FoundationProtecting Wetlands, Cleaning up Lakes and Streams, Developing Classroom materials for local schools
Charles Stewart Mott FoundationSupport efforts to achieve a healthy global environment capable of sustaining all forms of life.Prevention of toxic pollution,protection of the great lakes ecosystem,reform of internatonal lending and trade policies,special initiatives
Chesapeake Bay IntitiativeWetland restoration and enhancement, upland cover establishment, streamside restoration and protection, and agricultural Best Management Practices.
Chesapeake Bay TrustCitizen participation, collaborative efforts, demonstration programs, education, media projects, publications, training, volunteerism, workshops, youth programs
Chesapeake Corporation FoundationCommunity service,culture,education,health and medicine
Chichester du Pont Foundation, Inc.Environmental grants under welfare,recreational, scientific etc.
Citicorp FoundationEnvironmental education, conservation-based development
Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, Inc.Community needs
Compton Foundation, Inc.Prevention and reversal of environmental deterioration and the depletion of natural resources
Constance H. Bishop FoundationConservation, Wildlife
Educational Foundation of AmericaEnergy efficiency & conservation, alternatives to nuclear energy, sustainable agriculture & water quality, public land resource conservation, opposition to anti-environmental organizations
Elizabeth B. and Arthur E. Roswell Foundation, IncNatural resource conservation and protection
Eugene Cheney Foundation LtdEnvironmental interests, wetlands (among others)
Exxon Corporation - Corporate ContributionsStudying and conserving endagered species and habitats, developing public policy based on scientific data, fostering scientific research on environmentqal issues
FACT Services Company, Inc.Toxics reduction,pesticides reduction,food safety,breast cancer
Fair Play FoundationGeneral environmental issues (among others)
Fish America FoundationProjects that enhance water quality or enhance fish populations
Ford FoundationForest resources,sustainable development in rural and urban communities
George F. Baker TrustLand conservation, wildlife preservation, environmental education
Geraldine R. Dodge FoundationPublic issues, welfare of animals, and education. Special interests: ecosystem & habitat preservation, pollution prevention/reduction, biodiversity conservation, education/communication on env. Policy
Gildea Foundation, Inc. c/o McKenny, Thomsen & BurkeSoil/water conservation, wildlife protection,and higher education
Global Environmental Project InstituteEnvironmental education,citizen participation,sustainable development,environmental advocacy/wilderness protection
Good Samaritan, Inc.Coastal issues,higher education,environmental protection
Grayce B. Kerr FundEducation,cultural activities,economic and public policy research with a focus in the mid-atlantic region and in particular MD's Eastern Shore
H. Barksdale Brown Charitable TrustEducation,scientific research,natural resources conservation & protection,grants have include support,for land conservation, and coastal and marine issues
Henry P. Kendall FoundationFurther the protection and restoration of ecosystems integrity,emphasizing ways in which the stewardship of natures extraordinary diversity can be enhanced.
Hillsdale Fund, Inc.Coastal issues, resource conservation, outdoor education
Jenifer Altman FoundationEnvironmental health projects dealing with endocrine disrupting chemicals and other developmental and reproductive toxic chemicals
Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, Inc.Toxics in US,sustainable agriculture,reproductive rights,sustainable communities,strengthening nonprofit sector
Laird Norton Endowment FoundationArea of sustainable forestry which is the practice of forestry that restores,enhances,and the sustains a full range of forest values,both ecological and economic
Lebovitz FundWildlife conservation
Lee Romney Foundation, Inc.Wilderness,watershed protection,wildlife conservation,coastal issues,student education
Marcia Brady Tucker FoundationParks,land conservation,forests,species preservation,coastal issues
MARPAT Foundation, Inc.Environmental education,preservation,conservation,sustainable development
Mary Flagler Cary Charitable TrustConservation grant - coastal wetlands and estuaries as part of regional ecosystems, including Nanticoke River watershed. Grants especially for orgs. With credible strategic information for advocates, mgrs, and public
Merck Family FundProtecting and restoring vital eastern ecosystems,preserve major tracts of private and public forest,interconnected with critical rivers and woodlands.
Merrill & Emita Hastings FoundationBeautification, land conservation, forests, river protection, widlife
Moriah Fund, Inc.Policy and economic research and analysis,on-the-ground projects and demonstrations,enhancingthe capacity of NGOs,assessment,evaluation,and dissemination of lessons learned,promoting joint efforts between local and regional actors,
Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz FoundationEnvironmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification (among others)
National Env. Ed. & Training Foundation, Inc.Environmental education linking environment, economy, and equity, focusing on health & environment, safe water, environmental education excellence
National Fish and Wildlife FoundationConservation programs, wetland conservation,initiative for conservation education, fisheries initiative, neotropical migratory bird conservation program, conservation policy group, wildlife and habitat initiative.
Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc.Wildlife conservation
Pew Charitable TrustsPromote policies and practices that protect the global atmosphere,reduce the production and use of highly persistent toxic chemicals,perserve the nation's forest and marine systems
Procter & Gamble FundSolid waste,air quality,water quality, land and wildlife,wetlands,coastal issues.
Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)Protecting public lands, rivers, and trails for muscle-powerd recreation including climbing, camping, hiking, cycling, paddling, winter sports
Rockefeller Family Fund, Inc.Conservation of natural resources,protection of health as affected by the environment,cessation of pollution
Rose Foundation for Communities and the EnvironmentClean Air Fund, San Francisco Bay Citizens Action Fund
Shell Oil FoundationEnvironmental science, marine issues, wildlife preservation and protection
Tides FoundationNatural resource conservation,policy alternatives and solutions,land use,preservation,and stewardship
TKF FoundationCommunity Greening - connecting the human environment with the natural environment
Town Creek Foundation, Inc.Preservation and enhancement of the environment in the United States. Monitoring federal,state,and local officials and bodies responsible for enforcing environmental legislation.
Turner Foundation, Inc.Activities pertaining to energy, water/toxins, forest/habitats, and population.
Wallace Global Fund, Inc.Population growth, nonsustainable corporate, government, and miltilateral development bank policies,poverty,global climate change,pollution, waste and over consumption and threats to biodiversity.
Wild Wings FoundationProtecting free-flowing rivers, promoting rural sustainable development, land conservation & preservation
WMX Environmental Grants ProgramPollution reduction, land and nature conservation, land restoration and redevelopment