Integrated Report (IR) Water Quality Assessment Maps

picture of water quality mapThe map link below provides the user with surface water quality assessment information found in the Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality. No special software is needed although the map will perform better with the latest version of browsers. The data shown via the link below is the most current information, displaying IR assessment information from Maryland's EPA-Approved 2016 Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality.

Also included, at the bottom of the page, are links allowing users to download the latest Integrated Report geodatabase (ESRI ArcGIS format).

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Water Quality Map Link 

**NEW** 2016 Final Integrated Report and TMDL Water Quality Map!

 This map allows users to view layers for all pollutants and TMDLs on one map. It also allows the user to add other layers, view information in tabular form, and export assessment information to a spreadsheet.


GIS Downloads​

Download MD's 2016 Integrated Report Relational Geodatabase

This geodatabase contains water quality assessment information from the 2016 Integrated Report organized in a relational geodatabase. Click the "Download..." link above for a zip file which includes the following water bodies/assessment scales:

  • Tidal Waters - Covers the Chesapeake Bay, the Coastal Bays, and the Atlantic Ocean nutrient, biological and sediment assessments.
  • Impoundments - Covers all assessment information for impoundments.
  • Rivers Streams - Covers all assessment information for flowing waters in Maryland.
  • Tidal Waters 8-digit Watersheds - Covers fish tissue and metals assessment information for tidal waters assessed at the 8-digit watershed scale.
  • Tidal Waters Contact Recreation - Covers bacteria assessments conducted for determining if the water contact recreation use (swimming) is being supported.
  • Tidal Waters Shellfish Harvest - Covers bacteria assessments conducted in shellfish harvesting waters in order to protect public health against foodborne pathogens.
  • Tidal Waters Category Points - Covers point-based assessments for toxics coming from NPDES dischargers and from a historical oil spill (Chalk Point). These assessments originated from historical Category 4b assessments. However, some have been reassessed and are now meeting water quality standards. 

Download MD's 2016 Integrated Report Individual Water body-Pollutant Layers 

This geodatabase has all of the same water quality assessment information that the geodatabase above contains, however; instead of being a relational geodatabase, it contains pre-made layers each depicting a single water body-pollutant combination (e.g. impoundments assessed for sediments). Click the "Download..." link above for a zip file which includes this information. 

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