Maryland's 2002 Integrated 303(d) List

Maryland's final 2002 303(d) List (list of impaired surface waters) is presented on the Web in two different sections.  Section 1 includes the body text of the Integrated List (Chapters 1-6), the Integrated List sorted by attainment status or the part of the list on which a water body belongs (Chapter 7), and the appendices (Chapter 8).  This section includes everything you need to know about Maryland’s 2002 Integrated 303(d) List, its methodology and scope.  The next two sections contain just the 2002 Integrated 303(d) List or Chapter 7 of the larger document sorted in two different ways.  They will assist stakeholders who may wish to look at the Integrated list by watershed (i.e., the Patapsco River, the Patuxent River, etc.) or by impairment (i.e., bacteria, metals, nutrients, etc.).  The paragraphs below outline these sections in more detail and have an associated link (in blue) that will connect you to each section.

Click here for watershed profiles and numerical designations (8-digit Maryland Basin codes).


Section 1- Body Text of the 2002 Integrated 303(d) List

A complete text description of the process used to develop the 2002 Integrated 303(d) List. This document provides stakeholders with all of the background information necessary for understanding the listing process as well as the format of the list. It is highly recommended that this section be read first.

All files below are in .pdf format.

Chapter 8:  Appendices

  • Appendix A - April 16, 2001 Request for Data
  • Appendix B - Specific Data Sources
  • Appendix C - Memo to Interested 303(d) Decision Methodology Reviewers
  • Appendix D - Response to Comments for Listing Methodologies
  • Appendix E - Comment Response Document for the Draft 2002 List of Impaired Surface Water [303(d) List] and Integrated Assessment of Water Quality in Maryland
  • Appendix F - Summary of changes from the Draft to the Final 2002 Integrated 303(d) List
  • Appendix G - Maryland's Watershed Cycling Strategy
  • Appendix H - 1996 and 1998 303(d) Lists

Section 2 - The 2002 Integrated 303(d) List Sorting

Section 2a. - Listings Sorted By Waterbody or Watershed

Designed for stakeholders interested in what listings have occurred in their local watershed. MDE has sorted the 2002 Integrated 303(d) List by watershed so that all the impairments in a given water body will appear consecutively in the list. This allows individuals to rapidly determine impairment and water quality attainment status information for the watershed of their interest.

Section 2b. - Listings Sorted By Impairment

Designed for those stakeholders concerned about waters impaired by a specific pollutant. This facilitates assessment of those waters that are impaired by a specific class of pollutants like metals or nutrients, for example.


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