Final TMDLs Approved by EPA: Urieville Lake, Middle Chester River

Urieville Lake is a small, Y-shaped impoundment located near Kennedyville in Kent County, Maryland. The impoundment lies on Morgan Creek, a tributary of the Middle Chester River. The Chester River lies in the Upper Eastern Shore Tributary Strategy Basin, which drains to the Chesapeake Bay. The impoundment, owned by the State of Maryland, was constructed prior to the Revolutionary War and originally served as a mill pond. The current concrete dam and earthen dike were constructed during 1955 to restore the impoundment and to function as a base for MD Route 213. The dam at Urieville Lake is the designated dividing line between tidal and non-tidal waters in Morgan Creek of the Chester River.

On the basis of water quality problems associated with Urieville Lake, the Middle Chester River watershed (02130509) was identified on Maryland’s 1996 list of WQLSs as being impaired by nutrients, sediments, and fecal coliform. The document available below establishes Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for the nutrient phosphorus and sediments entering Urieville Lake.   A TMDL for nutrients was completed for the Middle Chester River basin in 2006.  The fecal coliform impairment will be addressed separately.  

TMDLs of Phosphorus and Sediments
to Urieville Community Lake
in Kent County, MD

(Approved on August 24, 1999)

EPA's Decision Letter EPA's Decision Letter
Main Report urvl_tmdl.pdf (415 KB)
Nonpoint Source Technical Memorandum urvl_techmemo.pdf (11 KB)
Comment Response Document urvl_CRD.pdf (14 KB)

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