Final TMDLs Approved by EPA: Youghiogheny River

The Youghiogheny River watershed (Maryland basin number - 05020201) is in western Maryland. The Youghiogheny River flows through portions of West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The headwaters originate on Backbone Mountain in northern West Virginia (Preston County) and western Maryland (Garrett County). The river flows north through part of Maryland and through a small part of northern West Virginia before it enters Pennsylvania at the Youghiogheny River Lake. The river continues to flow north to its confluence with the Monongahela River in Pennsylvania. The Youghiogheny River watershed is dominated by forest (60 percent) and agriculture (27 percent). Urban land use accounts for less than 10 percent of the total watershed area and is mostly concentrated around rivers and other waterbodies.

The Youghiogheny River was identified on the state’s list of water quality limited segments (WQLSs) as impaired by low pH (1996 listing), sediments (1996/2002 listing), and impacts to biological communities (2002/2004 listing). Previously, the Youghiogheny River was listed for nutrients on the 1996 303(d) list.  Nutrients were de-listed on the 2002 303(d) list after an intensive survey by MDE showed that showed no nutrient impairment.

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) recently conducted a water quality assessment of all historical data within the Youghiogheny River watershed to determine where violation of the pH water quality standard might exist. MDE conducted a survey in 2005 to monitor stream segments with the potential to be impaired and identified 25 as being impaired due to atmospheric deposition, acid mine drainage, or as having episodic or chronic acidification if a source was not determined through the assessment process. The document, available below, establishes a TMDL of low pH in the 25 impaired stream segments that will allow for the attainment of the associated designated uses. 

Low pH Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Youghiogheny River Basin in Garrett County, Maryland

(Approved on September 20, 2007)

EPA's Decision Letter EPA's Decision Letter
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