Final TMDLs Approved by EPA: Wicomico River Headwaters

The Wicomico River Headwaters is a subwatershed of the Wicomico River located on Maryland's lower Delmarva Peninsula. While the vast majority of the Wicomico River’s drainage is tidal, it does contain five distinct regions with freshwater drainage, all collecting into different impoundments, and ultimately discharging to various heads of tide.  The analysis presented in this report is limited to consideration of two subsegments of the river's headwaters zones.  These two subsegments are described below.

The region known as Wicomico River Headwaters is the largest of these freshwater drainage areas.  This headwaters region begins just upstream of State Route 50, at the spillage of Johnson Pond, which is the largest of the five impoundments collecting freshwater flow from the Wicomico River Headwaters.  It continues north for approximately 8 miles, on average six miles from east to west, for an approximate total drainage area of 24,540 acres (38.3 square miles).  Johnson Pond receives the spillage of Leonard Mill Pond, another impoundment collecting Wicomico River Headwaters drainage.  The Leonard Mill Pond drainage area reaches as far as the Delaware state line, just north of the jointly held community of Delmar.

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has identified the Wicomico River Headwaters, a Use I waterbody (Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), in the State’s 1996 303(d) List as impaired by fecal bacteria, and in the 2004 303(d) as impaired by impacts to biological communities.  Johnson Pond, an impoundment within the Wicomico River Headwaters was identified in the State’s 1996 303(d) List for nutrients and sediments.  The document available below, establishes a TMDL for fecal bacteria in the non-tidal portions of the Wicomico River Headwaters to allow for the attainment of the beneficial use designation, primary contact recreation.  A nutrient and sediment TMDL for Johnson Pond in the Wicomico River Headwaters basin was approved by EPA in 2001.  The listing for impacts to non-tidal biological communities will be addressed separately at a future date. 

Total Maximum Daily Loads of Fecal Bacteria for the Non-Tidal Wicomico River Headwaters Basin in Wicomico County, Maryland

(Approved on September 20, 2007)

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