Final TMDLs Approved by EPA: Swan Creek

The Swan Creek watershed is located entirely within Harford County, Maryland. The watershed is located in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont regions, two of three distinct eco-regions identified in the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Maryland Biological Stream Survey Index of Biological Integrity metrics. It is located approximately four miles south of the mouth of the Susquehanna River. The lower portion of Swan Creek is a small shallow tidal embayment. The watershed is within the Bush River Basin, which also includes the Bush River, Lower Winter’s Run, Atkisson Reservoir, and Bynum Run subwatersheds. According to the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Phase 5.3.2 watershed model, the total drainage area of the Maryland 8-digit watershed is approximately 15,870 acres not including water/wetlands. Approximately 50 acres of the watershed area is covered by water. The total population in the Swan Creek watershed is approximately 12,580.

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) identified the waters of the Swan Creek watershed on the State’s 2014 Integrated Report as impaired by multiple pollutants. The Swan Creek watershed is associated with two assessment units in the Integrated Report: an 8-digit basin covering the non-tidal portions of the watershed and one Chesapeake Bay segment covering the tidal portions. The Chesapeake Bay segment related to Swan Creek is the Chesapeake Bay Tidal Fresh (CB1TF). A data solicitation for TSS/sediment was conducted by MDE in December 2014, and all readily available data have been considered.

The TMDL, available below, will ensure that watershed sediment loads are at a level to support the Use Class I designation for the Swan Creek watershed, and more specifically, at a level to support aquatic life. Other pollutants identified for the watershed either have been addressed or will be addressed in the future.

Total Maximum Daily Load of Sediment in the Swan Creek Watershed, Harford County, MD

(Approved on September 30, 2016)

EPA's Decision Letter EPA's Decision Letter (5198KB)
Main Report Swan_Creek_Sed_TMDL_final.pdf (1247KB)
Point Source Technical Memorandum Swan_Creek_Sed_TMDL_PS_TechMemo.pdf (37KB)
Nonpoint Source Technical Memorandum Swan_Creek_Sed_TMDL_NPS_TechMemo.pdf (25KB)
Comment Response Document Swan_Creek_Sed_TMDL_CRD.pdf (9KB)

Additional Supporting Information

Biological Stressor Identification Swan Creek Watershed Report (1391KB)

Biological Stressor Identification Methodology (459KB)

Nontidal Sediment TMDL Methodology Report (361KB)

Addendum to the Nontidal Sediment TMDL Methodology Report (23KB)


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