Maryland's Flood Hazard Mitigation Program


Homes located in the 100-year floodplain can often end up with water reaching
well above first floor levels. Conditions like this can cause serious amounts of damage.

An important part of MDE’s mission is to achieve its environmental goals while fostering safe communities. Flooding poses a risk to the safety and property of every one of Maryland’s communities. MDE’s flood hazard mitigation program helps communities identify their flooding risks, and through variety of programs, assists them in becoming safer. To better identify flooding risks, MDE is exploring improved methods of mapping areas subject to flooding and posting these maps on the MDE web page. MDE’s flood mitigation program works with communities in finding ways to reduce or even eliminate risks to safety and property. The Comprehensive Flood Management Grant Program assists communities in funding mitigation projects such as acquisitions, elevations and relocations of flood-prone structures, and constructing flood control projects. Most importantly, MDE assists communities in establishing sustainable floodplain management programs to prevent flooding risks from occurring in the future.

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