Bay Restoration Fund Advisory Committee

  Bay Restoration Fund Advisory Committee Meetings

Members (18):

  • Secretaries of the Environment, Agriculture, Planning, Natural Resources, and Budget and Management or their designees (5 members).
  • One (1) member of the Senate appointed by the President of the Senate.
  • One (1) member of the House of Delegates appointed by the Speaker of the House of Delegates.
  • Two (2) individuals representing publicly owned wastewater facilities appointed by the Governor.
  • Two (2) individuals representing environmental organizations appointed by the Governor.
  • Two (2) individuals appointed by the Governor – One would be from the Maryland Association of Counties, and one from the Maryland Municipal League.
  • Two (2) individuals representing the business community appointed by the Governor
  • Two (2) individual s representing local health departments who have expertise in onsite sewage disposal systems – appointed by the Governor.
  • One (1) individual representing a university or research institute who has expertise in nutrient pollution – appointed by the Governor.

The Governor will appoint the chairman of the committee form the designated members of the committee.


  • Perform analysis of the cost of nutrient removal from wastewater facilities.
  • Identify additional sources for funding.
  • Make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the Bay Restoration fund in reducing nutrient loadings.
  • Make recommendations regarding the appropriate restoration fee to be assessed in Fiscal Year 2008 and subsequent years as necessary to meet the financing needs of the Bay Restoration Fund.
  • In consultation with the governing body of each county, identify users of onsite sewage disposal systems and holding tanks, and make recommendations to each county on the best method of collecting the fee from the users of onsite systems and holding tanks that do not receive water bills.
  • Advise the Department on the components of an education, outreach, and upgrade program.
  • Study the availability of funds for the supplemental assistance program within the Department to provide grants to smaller economically disadvantaged communities to upgrade their wastewater collection and treatment facilities.
  • Advise the Secretary of the Department concerning the adoption of regulations.
  • Beginning January 1, 2006 and every year thereafter, report to the Governor and the General Assembly on its findings and recommendations.

   Bay Restoration Fund Advisory Committee Meetings