BRF Advisory Committee Meetings

The primary goal of this webpage is to provide members of the Bay Restoration Fund Advisory​ Committee and the general public access to documents/hand outs that have been generated in response to, or in preparation for, the meetings held by the Committee.   The schedule of future meetings are also listed on this page.  

All documents are in .pdf format, unless otherwise noted.

   Scheduled Meeting(s):  Thursday, October 14, 2021

NOTE TO PUBLIC: A portion of this open meeting may be held in closed session



Meeting 3:  July 15, 2021  

Meeting 2:  April 15, 2021  

Meeting 1:  January 14, 2021  




 Meeting 3:  October 15, 2020  
 Meeting 2:  July 16, 2020  
 Meeting 1:  January 16, 2020  

   Previous Years' Meetings

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