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Volume 1, Number 8

December 2005

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Maryland Department of the Environment Final Calendar Year 2006 Standard Permit Application Turnaround Times

By Andrew Gosden

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As required by Section 1-607(A)(2) of the Environment Article, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has established, in consultation with interested parties, the following standard turnaround times for all types of permit applications.

MDE has made the following changes to the permit turnaround times for 2006:

  • Groundwater Discharge Permit for Oil Terminals – extend the turnaround time from 150 days to 180 days to be consistent with the time for surface discharge permits for oil terminals.
  • The review times for the Voluntary Cleanup Program have been reduced to reflect changes to the Environment Article. The time for application acceptance is now 45 days and the time for review of an action plan is now 75 days.

MDE reviews these turnaround times each year and publishes them in the Maryland Register. For further information, please contact Andrew Gosden in MDE’s Customer Service Center at 410-537-3772.

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