Proposed Air & Radiation Regulations

Proposed Actions provide the full text of proposed regulations and amendments, an estimate of the economic impact of an action on the regulated parties, the agency, other State or local agencies, and the general public. Proposed Actions also detail how the public may provide comments to an agency about a proposed regulation.

All Notices of Proposed Action (NPA) are published in the Maryland Register. Click here for the most current Notice of Public Hearings and Materials. While the Department strives to keep this content up-to-date, this list may not contain all proposed actions as this list is only updated periodically.

Last edited 2/5/2019

Regulation Title
Low Emissions Vehicle Program
The purpose of this action is to update incorporate by reference Regulation .02 to reflect the changes made by California since the last Maryland update in 2017
Relevant Statutory DeadlineN/A
Public Informational and Formal Comment OpportunitiesAQCAC 12/10/2018
Public Hearubg TBD, anticipate spring 2019

Regulation Title
Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) - Joint Promulgation
To delay iinspection for new vehicles by one year.
To establish OBD-only VEIP.
COMAR26.11.22 and 11.14.08
Relevant Statutory Deadline
Public Informational and Formal Comment Opportunities
AQCAC 12/10/2018
Public Hearing TBD, anticipate spring 2019

Number of Air Proposed Regulations : 2