Emergency Air & Radiation Regulations

MDE has petitioned the Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review (AELR) Committee of the Maryland General Assembly requesting emergency status for the regulation(s) listed below. 

If the Committee grants its approval, the emergency measure may go into effect immediately. The Committee imposes a time limitation on the duration of the emergency regulation. To become a permanent regulation, the regulation must be promulgated following the State required administrative procedures, which includes a 30-day public comment period. 

Regulation TitleRegulation Low Emissions Vehicle Program Incorporation by Reference
PurposeTo update Maryland's Clean Car regulations to reflect the changes made to the California Low Emissions Vehicle Program (i.e. Cal LEV or Clean Car Program) as adopted September 28,2018.
Reason for Emergency Status
The EPA’s national GHG emission standards for light-duty vehicles apply to the same types of vehicles under 40 CFR Parts 85, 86, and 600. The California standards are currently equivalent to and aligned with the federal program. California and the other Section 177 States, including Maryland, adopted a compliance provision to allow vehicle manufactures to meet the California Clean Cars GHG requirements by complying with the EPA GHG requirements. However, EPA has proposed to alter the national GHG standards. The Maryland proposed amendments incorporate the current compliance provision requirements as codified by California and removes conflict if EPA’s national GHG standards are altered as proposed. MDE is proposing a 180-day emergency action followed by a replacement NPA for permanent adoption.
Date Submitted to AELR12/14/2018
AELR Granted Emergency Status
COMAR Emergency status beginning December 31, 2018 and expiring June 29, 2019.

Number of Air Emergency Regulations : 1