Rethink Recycling and America Recycles Day

See photos from the 2013 Rethink Recycling Contest

2013 Rethink Recycling List of Participating High Schools

Since 2001, MDE has celebrated America Recycles Day by hosting the annual “Rethink Recycling” Sculpture Contest. High school students from across Maryland are invited to participate by creating sculptures made of recycled and reusable materials.

America Recycles Day, traditionally celebrated on November 15, is a national event that unites business, environmental and civic groups, and local, state, and federal government agencies to promote recycling, source reduction, and the purchase of products made from recycled materials as a means to a more sustainable society.

“Rethink Recycling” is just one way MDE educates and empowers the public to reuse and recycle materials that would have otherwise gone into landfills. To find out what you can do to reduce, reuse, recycle, and buy recycled products, visit MDE’s recycling web page. If you would like to receive additional information on the "Rethink Recycling" sculpture contest, contact MDE.

2013 Grand Prize Winner: Emma Brenengen, Middletown High School

Emma Brenengen, Grand Prize Winner 2013 Rethink Recycling