What is MERCURY?

MERCURY is a heavy silver-colored metal that can change from a liquid to gas. MERCURY has many uses, but it can also be harmful to humans and wildlife.

Where do you find MERCURY?

MERCURY is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. It is used in switches, toys and games.

TelevisionMERCURY expands and contracts with temperature changes. It is used in thermometers and thermostats.

MERCURY conducts electricity. It is used in some light bulbs and in televisions and computer monitors.

MERCURY builds up in certain kinds of fish through the food chain.


Where does MERCURY come from?

There are natural and human-made sources of MERCURY in the environment. Natural sources of MERCURY are in soils and rocks, forest fires and volcanic eruptions. More than half of the MERCURY in the environment comes from human sources such as burning coal to create electricity, burning trash, and improper disposal at landfills. Burning coal and trash releases MERCURY in the form of gas and particles into the air. Rain and snow bring MERCURY in the air back to the earth’s surface. Improper disposal causes MERCURY to get into the water and soil.

How can we help prevent MERCURY pollution?

  • Educate yourself and others about MERCURY.
  • Tell your parents to buy MERCURY-free products, such as alcohol or digital thermometers.
  • Help separate out household products containing MERCURY (thermometers, batteries, and the like) and dispose of them during household hazardous waste collection days.
  • Turn lights and computers off when not in use to conserve electricity to reduce the amount of coal burned to generate electricity.
  • Recycle and reuse as many products as possible to decrease the amount of trash that needs to be burned or put in landfills.

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