2008 Coal Combustion Byproducts (CCB) Generator Reports

Non-residential generators of coal combustion byproducts (CCBs) are required by the Code of Maryland Regulations COMAR to submit a report to the Department describing the manner in which CCBs generated within the State were managed during the preceding year. Below are the CCB generator reports for the 2008 calendar year.

2008 Coal Combustion Byproducts Reporting Status

- A document detailing the status of CCB reports from various facilities in Maryland.

2008 CCB Reporting Summary

- A document summarizing CCB generation in Maryland as reported to the Department in 2008.

Allegany County Public Schools

Constellation Energy

Rye Brothers Flowers

  • Rye Brothers Flowers, Perry Hall, MD

Lehigh Cement Company

Interstate Trucking Equipment

  • Interstate Truck Equipment, Hagerstown, MD - No report submitted, as this site has not burned coal in approximately 5 years.

Naval Support Activity, South Potomac

Mt. Saint Mary's College

Stan's Auto Body

Mettiki Coal, LLC

Gregory & Sons, Inc.

Mirant Mid-Atlantic, LLC

Holcim (US), INC.

  • Holcim Cement, Hagerstown, MD - withheld at Holcim's request as a trade secret or confidential commercial information under Section 10-617(d) of the Public Information Act, Annotated Code of Maryland.

Newpage Corporation

AES Warrior Run, LLC

Allegany Energy Supply Company

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