Recycling at Work and School

How can I start a recycling program at my work?

Pursuing a recycling program for your work place is one of the best and easiest things you can do to help save energy, natural resources, and money.

If your office has decided to research the possibilities of starting a recycling program, take a look at the web sites for Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority ,  Businesses for the Bay Polution Prevention WorkbookHarford County and Montgomery County just to name a few. The information available on these sites contains information on how to set-up and maintain an office waste reduction and recycling program.

How can I start a recycling program at my school?

Your county recycling coordinator can be a big help in this process by helping you to identify what you could collect and how the program would work. Be sure to begin a dialog with the county recycling coordinator where the school is located to assure that all county regulations and procedures are followed.

Some Counties offers various displays, presentations and demonstrations that travel to schools and events.   Staff provides educational presentations to elementary, middle and high school students.   Contact your County Coordinator to schedule a presentation.

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