Tips for Personal Safety

In light of events throughout the nation, there have been a number of concerns raised about potential exposure to Anthrax or other biological agents, as well as protection from other potential forms of attack. It is important to note that there have been no cases in Maryland. The most important thing to remember is not to panic. Try not to cause undue alarm to your family, friends or fellow employees with rumors or panic.

The current heightened state of awareness and vigilance has brought considerable attention to previously unnoticed innocuous substances in homes and workplaces across the country. Emergency response and hazardous materials crews across the country have been responding to spilled sugar, rock salt, talcum powder, flour, cleanser, dried paint and even avian feces. When you notice an unusual substance, take a rational view of the entire situation. If you have any doubt about the substance, do not handle, taste or sniff it. If you feel that your life or health are threatened, do not hesitate to call your local emergency services or 9-1-1 network for assistance.

Since most of the recent anthrax attacks have been delivered in the mail, many citizens are concerned about what is showing up in their mailboxes. The fact sheets below were developed by the Maryland Emergency Management Agency with information from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Center for Disease Control, Maryland Department of the Environment and the U.S. Postal Service.

This list of fact sheets will help you to determine whether or not a piece of mail may pose a threat and what to do about it.

Websites Dealing With Personal Safety
(Agency websites for additional information on anthrax and bioterrorism response and planning.