School Idle Reduction

Congratulations to these schools and green centers that have set up a vehicle idling policy! They are making great strides to keep students, staff, and families safer by reducing vehicle emissions from unnecessary idling.

Idling vehicles can:

  • pollute the air in and around the vehicle and school buildings,
  • waste fuel and money, and
  • cause engine wear and damage
Ready to sign up? It's free and easy. Just send an email to mde.idlefreemd@maryland.gov. You'll receive:
  • a letter and signed certificate f​rom the Secretary of the Environment acknowledging your school's participation,
  • a metal idling reduction sign for the school grounds,
  • decals for school and office windows, and
  • other program materials

And ... your school will be added to the Honor Roll!

Honor Roll of Maryland​ Schools and Green Centers​​​​