MDE 2007 Fiscal Analysis Project



  MDE 2007 Fiscal Analysis Project Report  ​


  Fiscal Analysis Project Update  - January 2009


  Fiscal Analysis Project Update  - January 2010


  Fiscal Analysis Project Update - December 2010


  Fee Review Schedule - December 2010


MDE is undertaking a comprehensive fiscal analysis of the Department’s revenues and expenditures to determine whether our resources are aligned with our highest priorities related to protecting public health and restoring the Chesapeake Bay.  Please read the Project Overview for further details.

A very talented and diverse group of people has agreed to act as a Steering Committee to design and oversee the project.  Jag Khuman, Director of MDE’s Water Quality Financing Administration will chair the Steering Committee. MDE is very grateful to Delegate Murray Levy and Eric Christensen of the Maryland Department of Transportation who have also volunteered to lend their expertise to the project.