Environmental Certification Programs, Awards, and Other Activities

Environmental Certification: These programs, particularly those that use independent third-party auditors, offer an effective tool for keeping your environmental goals and programs on track and for communicating your environmental commitment to your customers and community. 

For more information on environmental certification programs, visit the Maryland Green Registry Certification Central. This webpage contains more guidance and lists some of the certifications achieved by Maryland Green Registry members.  

Reporting Frameworks:  

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting frameworks recognize the impacts of ESG risk on financial performance and establish rankings among peers. Examples: GRESBE, CDP, SASB, S&P Global, GRI

Carbon Reduction Net Zero reporting frameworks provide organizations a method for disclosing their carbon emission reduction commitments and reporting annual progress.  Examples: Science Based Targets, RE100, Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, ULI Greeprint.

For your member profile:  Identify and describe any voluntary environmental certification programs or reporting frameworks that your organization participates in and any environmental awards or recognition received by your organization.  Please also share any additional information on environmental activities not covered elsewhere in your member profile.