MDE-SERV Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of MDE-SERV?

    MDE-SERV’s purpose is to improve MDE’s effectiveness and efficiency through intensive systematic, data-driven oversight with a focus on improving the sevice, efficiency, results, and value for customers, stakeholders, and the environment.

  2. Who’s in charge of MDE-SERV?

    Sue Battle-McDonald, MDE-SERV Director, is in charge of MDE-SERV under the guidance and direction of MDE’s Secretary.

  3. When and where are MDE-SERV meetings held? 

    MDE-SERV meetings are held Monday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30 in the MDE-SERV Room.  Check the schedule online for meeting dates.

  4. Can I visit an MDE-SERV meeting, and if so who can I contact to arrange this?

    Limited visitor space is available. Contact MDE-SERV Analyst 410-537-4158

  5. I hear there’s an MDE-SERV Panel who questions MDE managers at each MDE-SERV meeting. Who is on this panel and why? Why does the Secretary need a whole panel, instead of just asking the questions himself?

    The Panel is composed of MDE’s Secretary, Deputy Secretaries, Budget Director, Administrative Services Director, IT Director, Principal Counsel and the MDE-SERV Director. The Panel’s role is twofold: First, it brings a variety of perspectives to each MDE-SERV discussion. Second, many issues and problems can be addressed more quickly when key senior managers are in the room together.

  6. I know about a real issue that those MDE-SERV people should be looking into.  Is anyone interested in my opinion?

    Yes!  All suggestions are most welcome, and can be offered anonymously if desired.  The MDE-SERV Office receives confidential suggestions regularly.  Suggestions can be sent to Sue Battle-McDonald, MDE-SERV Director, at or by postal mail at 1800 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21230, or you can contact Sue to arrange a phone call or private meeting at 410-537-4111.

Contacting MDE Personnel:

Sue Battle-McDonald, MDE-SERV Director, e-mail: phone: 410-537-4111

Andrew Gosden, MDE-SERV Analyst, e-mail: phone: 410-537-4158​